Motorhome Insurance

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Motorhome Insurance

A motorhome says freedom like nothing else. When problems happen, they need to be resolved as soon as possible, which can mean hours not days.

We understand the complexities involved and hence we offer specialist cover to cater to these scenarios and appreciate that families not just single drivers will be involved, so we come to the rescue fast.

Our market leading Motorhome insurance product provides excellent levels of cover at competitive premiums.*

  • Comprehensive cover options available
  • All types of use from Social to commuting and company business use
  • Drivers aged 17 to 85**
  • New for old replacement if vehicle is less than 12 months old
  • Protected no claims discount available***
  • Up to 180 days European use per trip
  • £2,000 personal effects cover
  • £1,000 awnings, gas cylinders and generators cover
  • Loss of keys and lock replacement and child seat cover
  • Cover options from fully Comprehensive to Third Party Only
  • All types of Motorhomes ranging from USA manufactured RV’s, A-class and coach built motorhomes, to professionally converted or self-converted panel vans
  • Any vehicle registered as “Body Type: Motor Caravan” with the DVLA
  • Vehicles in the process of conversion (subject to timescales)
  • Drivers aged from 17 to 85 (subject to experience and vehicle type), apart from those with unemployed occupational status
  • Vehicle or owner based in the UK
  • All uses from social domestic and pleasure, commuting, personal and company business use
  • Conviction free drivers through to drivers with motoring convictions and criminal convictions
  • Minimum vehicle value of £3,000 and with no upper value limit
  • All postcode areas (subject to risk profile and security requirements)

*Underwritten by ERS
**Subject to experience and vehicle type
***Subject to eligibility

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Comprehensive cover options

Drivers aged 17 to 85**

Protected no claims discount option***

Up to 180 days European use per trip

Loss of keys and lock replacement and child seat cover

Discounts available

Why do I need insurance?

Motorhome insurance is a legal requirement and anyone owning or driving one is required by law to have at least third party liability cover.

Motorhomes are unique and very different to other vehicles both in the way they are built, the way you use them and the equipment they contain. So you need a specialist product from an insurer that knows what they are doing.

When buying your insurance you should:

  • Think about the type of cover you need, while Third Party is the minimum legal requirement Comprehensive cover will give you the most extensive level of protection including any at fault damage.
  • Make sure you look at the excesses and restrictions your insurer places on drivers, especially ones under the age of 25.
  • Most insurers give discounts for alarms, trackers and other security devices, you can take steps to protect against theft by installing things like CCTV or cameras and locked gates on your drive (if you keep your Motorhome at your home address).
  • We can insure vehicles ranging from a self converted van to large recreational vehicles (RV) and there is no upper limit on the value of Motorhome we can insure (if you need help identifying your type of Motorhome click here to the ERS handy guide)

Frequently Asked Questions

We can cover all types of vehicle from self converted panel vans to A class recreational vehicles and everything in between.

We can cover drives aged between 17 and 85 provided they are in possession of a full and valid UK driving license.

On our policy the vehicle must be stored in a private garage/locked building, driveway or professional storage facility.

Yes you get up to 180 days of European use per trip as part of our policy.

We cover Personal belongings cover up to £2,000 per vehicle as standard.

We have a minimum sum insured of £3,000 but no maximum amount and can cover all shapes and sizes.

Yes we can cover all types of driving experience and history on our policy.

Yes we can provide you a quote for business use on your vehicle.

Unlimited windscreen damage is included in our policy.

Yes this is covered under our motorhome policy however only if:

  • The caravan or trailer is properly secured to your motorhome by towing equipment made for that purpose and;
  • The method of towing stays within the manufacturers recommended towing limits and any other relevant law

You can find more information on this cover in your Policy Wording.

Our policy provides cover up to £500 if the keys for your motorhome are lost or stolen and have not been recovered.

Provided that the market value of the vehicle is greater than or equal to the amount owed to the finance company then we will pay the finance company first then settle the balance with the legal owner of the vehicle.

If the market value is less than the amount owed then you may be required by the finance company to pay the balance, subject to your agreement with them.

You can find more information on this subject in your Policy Wording.